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All Purpose Volunteers, Helpers, and Ambassadors

If you have energy and time to share, we can find something for you to do here at LASC! Every day is a unique experience. There are also many opportunities to go with us out into the community where we provide art experiences and promote LASC’s programs and classes.

Summer Volunteers
S.T.E.A.M Ahead: The Summer Volunteer Team at The Living Arts & Science Center

As Art-gineers, summer volunteers receive the unique opportunity of working with teachers, students, and staff during 5 day class sessions. This provides volunteers with firsthand experience in the classroom, shadowing teachers and assisting them with lessons and projects. During the session, volunteers also witness the development of students’ skills while working with them to complete assignments. By helping teachers prep materials, plan the class, and maintain an atmosphere of creativity and learning, volunteers learn classroom management and the importance of time management and social skills. The relationships developed during their time here provide job skills training, inspiration, guidance, networking, and references for future endeavors.


  • Submission of completed application and availability schedule (found below)
  • Minimum age of 16 (unless prior volunteer experience can be established)
  • Background check (we are required to run a background check on those over 16 years of age due to the fact that they will be working with children)
  • A check for $30 made payable to the Living Arts & Science Center to pay for the background check. (If financial assistance is need please feel free to contact us)
  • Completed orientation

Art-gineers’ responsibilities may include: Classroom assistant/Education assistant/Project assistant

Characteristics required: Positive energy, patience, tact, and flexibility are useful attributes for making your time at the Living Arts and Science Center enjoyable and fulfilling. Strong muscles are not required but are welcome and useful when accompanied by the above attributes! We appreciate your help and hope you will gain valuable experience as you share your time and talents.

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Year-Round Volunteer Application

Summer Volunteer Application