Teacher Bios

The LASC works with a large roster of talented and dedicated Artists and Educators in the arts and sciences.

Listed in Alphabetical Order.

is an art and science enthusiast. She wrote and taught hands-on programming for the Louisville Science Center for over 13 years.  She has also taught art for KinderCreates and led hands-on science as an informal Mad Scientist! Currently, Kimberly teaches as an Instructional Aide at Simmons Elementary School in Woodford County.

is originally from Colombia and came to Lexington 17 years ago. She developed a program for Maxwell Elementary School, teaching Spanish through the Art & Humanities, and has taught there for 8 years.  She believes that every child has the potential to bring something unique and special to our world. She loves to introduce American students to her Hispanic culture and to help Hispanic kids know and love their roots.

earned a BA in Human Environmental Design from the University of Kentucky. After studying stained glass from Laura Hallock, Dan began creating his own original designs combining light, color, and texture. He has been awarded top honors for his beautiful and unique stained glass.

graduated from the University of Kentucky with a BS in Natural Resource Conservation and has been working within the art community for over a decade. She loves using her imagination and creativity to design classes where kids can have fun while learning new skills and ideas. She mixes arts and sciences together to help kids understand and experience more about the world around them.

is a former visual effects artist for [adult swim] on Cartoon Network, including Emmy-nominated Robot Chicken and Moral Orel.  After 6 years in Hollywood, Ben moved back to his hometown of Lexington to educate the public about 3D printing through his company ArtLab Kentucky.

is a mixed media artist who creates layered, textured images that address a variety of social and other themes. She teaches art-based classes to encourage children and adults to explore both the fun of art making and its power to nourish growth and change. Sonja is also Executive Director of Sisohpromatem Art Foundation Inc. in Lexington.

is an Environmental Education Specialist at the Kentucky Division for Air Quality. She is well known for creating and teaching various fiber art forms. She has worked as a naturalist, educator and artist in a variety of educational settings including the LASC, the Cincinnati Museum of Natural History, and at Lexington’s Arboretum. Roberta helped create the LASC’s first StarLab Planetarium program, which now travels to schools and community centers statewide!

is an interdisciplinary artist who enjoys creative writing, painting, sculpting, sewing, and more. She holds an MST in Art Education from the Rochester Institute of Technology along with a BFA in both Art and English from Transylvania University. Sarah is the LASC’s Art Education Coordinator. She enjoys providing opportunities for artistic exploration and helping others to recognize their own creative potential.

is an award winning photographer for his work in both Fashion and Street Photography. His work has been featured in local and national publications. He has worked as a freelance photographer for the Dallas Morning News and Star-Telegram, covering a wide range of events. He is self-taught and is eager to pass along his knowledge and love of learning to his students.

is currently studying animal behavior as a graduate student at the University of Kentucky. She has also worked as a scientific illustrator for the past six years, specializing in drawing insects, birds, fossils, and prehistoric whale ancestors. She enjoys sharing her passion for wildlife and art with others and tries to provide people with a newfound respect and appreciation for animals by revealing their beauty and behavior through art and education.

is a Chinese dance instructor and performer from Lexington, Kentucky. She received her dance training and continues her dance development with master dance artists in China. As a Kentucky Arts Council teaching and performing artist, Shuling provides a professional and entertaining experience for students across the state, utilizing authentic costumes and culturally significant items such as fans, handkerchiefs, ribbons, and umbrellas.

studied Fine Arts at Cornell University and has an MFA in sculpture from the University of New Mexico.   She has worked in graphics, animation, film and sculpture and has exhibited her work in Italy, Mexico and the US. Her teaching, as well as art making perspective is that content is community-inspired and we share that inspiration through our gifts.

will be receiving a BA in Elementary Education with a minor in English from the University of Kentucky in 2015.  Sarah was an intern with the LASC in 2014 and has continued to volunteer throughout the year.  She enjoys working with theatre, language arts, and visual arts to let children explore in a creative and fun learning environment.  Sarah loves teaching and looks forward to another summer at the LASC!

is passionate about art. She has traveled the world to Japan, Italy, Greece, and the Czech Republic in order to view, make or work with international art and artists. Locally, she is known for her pop-art prints and paintings incorporating iconic Kentucky imagery – from Ale-8 soda to UK basketball star Anthony Davis. Jerielle has an optimistic approach to teaching, encouraging risk-taking and personal growth throughout the artistic process.

has an MA in Elementary Education and over 20 years of teaching experience. She currently has her own tutoring business for elementary students in central Kentucky. Debbie also teaches science field trips and educational outreach programs for the LASC.

holds degrees in both Art Education and Art Studio from the University of Kentucky. Her passion lies with block printmaking, but she also loves to paint in her free time. She has enjoyed connecting with the community through teaching and engaging people in various art mediums.

holds a BA in Art Education from Purdue University and an MA in Art Education from Western Kentucky University. She served as Director of the LASC for 23 years and is now in her tenth year of teaching at the University of Kentucky, where she serves as the area head of Art Education and student teaching supervisor.

is a classical realist, focusing on painting and drawing. She studied at Centre College and the Grand Central Academy of Art in Manhattan. Ashley primarily paints figures and fabric still-lives, creating modern interpretations of classical subject matter. She exhibits in both Kentucky and New York.

is a 4th generation metalsmith who has been perfecting his craft for over 30 years.  He began Lloyd K. Hughes Metalsmithing in 1987.  Lloyd has completed extensive commissions in Kentucky, Florida and Georgia and numerous other states.   Lloyd is a juried member of the Kentucky Arts Council’s Kentucky Crafted program, the Kentucky Guild of Artists and Craftsmen, and is showcased in Southern Artistry, a website of outstanding Southern artists.

has been teaching summer classes at LASC for the last 10 years and is the art teacher at Southern Middle School in Lexington. He is the sponsor of Southern Films, the award winning after school filmmaking club for SMS. Duane likes to paint and draw whenever he gets free time. He has a son and daughter who are out of this world and a wife who is out of his league.

received her BA in Media Communications from Asbury University in 2012, but her interests go far beyond movie-making. In addition to screenwriting and film directing, she studies holistic medicine techniques, sustainable agriculture, yoga, and aromatherapy. Shannon has taught at the LASC for several years and also volunteers at the King Library Press, and is an after-school teacher at Lexington Montessori School.

has been teaching art for seven years at many community centers, summer programs, and schools in Cincinnati, Covington and Lexington, including the Living Arts and Science Center. She currently teaches art in Clark County at Campbell Junior High School. Teaching art is what she loves, so if you are looking for Emily, she can be found in an art classroom.


is an artist and art teacher. She holds a BA in Art Education and Art Studio from the University of Kentucky. Jenny enjoys creating art and helping others express themselves creatively. Her studio focus includes painting, drawing and mixed media.

is a professional artist, a world traveler and an overall bonvivante. She holds degrees in biology, chemistry and diplomacy and has used her chemistry knowledge to create her own medium which combines mixed media with cast epoxy resins. She has exhibited widely throughout the Southeastern US and in Central America. Christine works with children and adults, helping them discover themselves through the creative process.

is a freelance writer, photographer and documentarian. She spent half of her adult life exploring the wonders of national and state parks, and moved to Kentucky to put down roots and experiment with growing food. Karen’s degrees include Documentary Studies, Photography, and French, and she holds a Professional Environmental Educator Certification. She prefers to see the world through a child’s eye, and specializes in teaching environmental photography to youth.

is a graduate of the University of Kentucky with a BA in Architecture. He enjoys working in digital formats as well as traditional mediums and believes that there is nothing better than being able to teach someone something new. Steven has been with the Living Arts & Science Center since 2005 and is currently the Digital Media Coordinator.

is a painter and digital video artist whose work has been shown internationally in Mexico, Columbia, and China. He earned an MFA in Painting and Digital Media from the University of Colorado at Boulder and now maintains a studio at the Lexington Art League. Lennon has been named one of the Top 100 Southern Artists by Oxford American.

is a recent graduate of the University of Kentucky with a degree in Elementary Education. She currently teaches preschool at Walnut Hill Day School. Kelsey creates fun and exciting science and art lessons that keep students engaged in the world around them. Her goal is to teach fun and exciting classes that also foster an environment for learning school-related curriculum.

has been a full time potter for almost 18 years and teaching in clay for almost as long.  Marianne loves working with children in clay because it shows them that possibilities are endless. If they can imagine it in their minds, there is a way to make it in clay!

is a freelance artist and illustrator with a BA in Art from the University of Kentucky. He works in traditional and digital media, including oil painting, drawing, and Adobe Photoshop digital painting. Stevie’s favorite subjects include wildlife, dinosaurs, and creatures and characters of sci-fi and fantasy. Stevie loves teaching and has taught at the LASC for over ten years.

is an artist and a professor at Asbury University.  She received an Artist Enrichment Grant from Kentucky Foundation for Women in 2009 and has exhibited internationally.  She is now represented by Ann Tower Gallery in Lexington.

loves color. She owns Colors to Dye For, a business specializing in her innovative hand dyed silk scarves, bamboo socks, and exotic knitting yarns, available at art and craft shows and in galleries in Lexington, Berea, Frankfort and Louisville. She also creates one of a kind art quilts for churches, institutions and private collectors throughout the state.

holds a BA in Fine Art from the University of Kentucky, where she combined her interests in dance and visual art for a unique focus on movement and arts integration. She has exhibited her work both locally and nationally and serves as special events coordinator for Land of Tomorrow Gallery in Lexington and Louisville. Aurora uses ceramics, paper mache, poly-fill, feathers, string, foam and other materials, textures, and forms to create sculptures, installations, and performance pieces. Her work explores the human condition with themes such as fragility, love, awkwardness, embarrassment, sexuality, and curiosity.

is a graduate student at the University of Kentucky studying interactions between spiders and their environment.   She has always had a fondness for nature and its inhabitants, and her passion for teaching has led her to science education.  She incorporates art into her classes as a way for her students to not only think critically and scientifically, but also express their creativity.  Leslie is also a Discovery Educator for the LASC’s fieldtrips and outreach programs.

is a Lexington based photographer, sculptor, and Queer artist whose current work deals with body image and femininity. Ralston spent a year at Latitude, an art studio that primarily provides services for artists with developmental disabilities, and created collaborative art using a wide range of techniques and art media. Some of her current interests include portrait photography and knitting.

has worked as a naturalist, art educator, photographer, and graphic designer in both Kentucky and Florida. She believes in making science fun and memorable for kids and adults through art. She teaches art classes, science field trips and outreach programs with LASC, and is also a freelance graphic artist and photographer. Maggie holds a BA in Art and Biology from Georgetown College.

of Frankfort, KY, is a ceramic artist and community arts instructor. She develops arts-infused history lessons and teaches throughout central KY schools as an educator for the Kentucky Historical Society. Megan received her MA in Art Education at the University of Kentucky and graduated with her BA in Studio Art from Georgetown College. She has studied sculpture and ceramics abroad in both Italy and Japan. Megan enjoys teaching various art classes to children, creating public murals, and working in her home studio. Her pottery is sold nationwide. See more at: www.etsy.com/shop/MeganSauter

holds a master’s degree in Studio Art with a concentration in painting and drawing. She is an avid knitter, baker and gardener, and enjoys helping others discover their own artistic inclinations.

is an actively exhibiting contemporary artist who paints realist portraits with decorative embellishment.  His work has been featured in numerous magazines and has been collected by local residents and major collections.  He has been a visiting artist at Latitude, an organization that facilitates the work of serious artists who have disabilities.  Patrick challenges his students to think critically, work hard, and impress themselves with the quality of work that they produce.

is a photographer, sculptor and activist.  She graduated from Transylvania University with a BA in Studio Art and Spanish.  Her work addresses environmental, political, and social issues including poverty, plastic pollution and overfishing.  She firmly believes that artwork can be used as a tool for environmental stewardship as well as activism.  Currently Amanda works as a Studio Assistant at Transylvania and is an instructor for toddler enrichment at Sayre School.

was previously an Art Education Intern for the LASC.  She holds a BS in Communication Sciences and Disorders.  With clinical experience as a speech and art therapist, Julie enjoys feminine and youthful expressiveness in her artwork, theatre, and dance.  She is dedicated to enthusiastic and dynamic teaching as a means of creating and nurturing a lifelong love of knowledge in children.

is a Lexington based writer and performer. He has shown hand-made books and performed original, poetic works in and around Lexington. Robert has studied at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA and Naropa University in Boulder, CO. He grew up attending the LASC.

Kriis Zepsholds a BA in Elementary Education and an AMS Montessori graduate studies degree. She has taught in private Montessori schools, public elementary schools, and most recently Early Childhood Education at Bluegrass Community Technical College. Kriis is an energetic educator who thoroughly enjoys teaching classes and outreach programs at the LASC and our partner organizations.