Let us bring the wonders of art and science to you!

WOW, Wonders on Wheels

Can’t come to us? Let us bring the wonders of art and science to you!
The LASC can bring our exhibits and hands-on activities to your school, organization, church or other location. Following is a menu of offerings:

Science Discovery Outreach Programs

  • The Nature of Color:
    Explore the fascinating world of light and color through a variety of hands-on activities and demonstrations in your very own classroom!  Become a color detective and delve into the world of chromatography while learning how to separate mixtures and find hidden colors with simple chemistry!  Bend light and see the rainbow by making your very own spectroscope to take home!  Uncover how pigments are made while learning about natural items used to create amazing colors!
    Core Concepts
    Science:  Waves:  Light & Sound / Adaptations & Inheritance of Traits / Interdependent Relationships in Ecosystems: Animals, Plants, and Their Environment / Chemical Reactions
    Arts & Humanities:  Elements of Art – Color / Artistic Expression / Art History
    Social Studies:  Historical Perspective
  • Discovery Dome Planetarium:
    Observe the beauty and science of the night sky in our inflatable planetarium! Design your own planetarium show to best fit your needs. Learn about changes in the night sky, cycles, constellations, and more! Specifics can be found here.
  • Sounds of Science:
    Uncover the mystery of vibration and sound waves, experiment with instruments and discover amazing sounds that occur in nature in your very own classroom! We’ll embark on a sensational sonic journey through the physics and biology of sound as we learn how animals adapt and communicate through sound, move sound through liquid, create instruments, perform sound experiments, and more!
    Core Concepts
    Science: Wave Properties, Cause & Effect, Patterns, Transfer of Energy, Adaptation, Inheritance of Traits, Information Processing
    Arts & Humanities: Rhythm & Tempo, Instrumentation, Creating & Performing
    Math: Measurement & Data, Patterns
    Social Studies: Culture & Societies, Historical Perspective, Geography
  • Forest Findings:
    Discover the plants and animals of a forest community and learn how these organisms are best adapted to forest habitats! This program features animal costumes, creative critter track stories, tree identification, and a special LIVE animal appearance!
    Core Concepts
    Science: Interdependence, Ecosystems, Transfer of Energy
    Arts & Humanities: Drama, Storytelling, Narrative
  • Kentucky UtilitiesEnergy in Motion:
    Explore energy on the move in your own classroom! This program features a variety of hands-on experiments and interactive activities based on energy and the food chain, the transformation of energy, circuits, renewable vs. nonrenewable energy sources, and much more! Energy in Motion is brought to you by Kentucky Utilities.
    Core Concepts
    Science: Forces & Interactions, Engineering / Design, Transfer of Energy
    Arts & Humanities: Movement and Art, Energy, Tempo, Creating & Performing
  • Aquatic Habitat Adventure:
    Explore water as habitat, basic need, and life force in this dynamic, hands-on program featuring LIVE animals, hands-on experiments, and memorable H2O demonstrations!  LIVE animal appearances will include Fire Bellied Toads, Dart Frogs, Glow-in-the-Dark Axolotls, and Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches!  Enjoy disappearing water tricks, water habitat games, water cycle activities, H2O Olympics, and more!
    Core Concepts
    Science: Interdependent Relationships in Ecosystems, Weather & Climate, Earth’s Systems: Processes that Shape the Earth, Water & Life Cycles
    Want to learn why things fizz, bubble, pop, and boom this summer?!  Explore chemistry, electricity, and sound during this exciting hands-on science demonstration and activity program!  Demonstrations will include a small (yet safe!) explosion, hair raising fun with our Van de Graaff generator, participation time with fizzy experiments, and much more!
  • Science Superheroes:
    Meet some stellar SUPERHEROS OF SCIENCE with this new, hands-on, interactive group program! Explore astronaut, Neil Armstrong and his first walk on the moon with hands-on moon phase experiments and demonstrations! Learn about brilliant physicist, Albert Einstein and make E=mc2 hats to commemorate his many discoveries! Discover marine biologist, Rachel Carson and her important work to advance the environmental movement by making some awesome, Earth-friendly art! Explore the cosmos with astrophysicist, Neil deGrasse Tyson while making your own astronomy tools! Find all the colors of the rainbow like physicist, Isaac Newton, and make your very own spectroscope to take home! And more…!
  • What’s Your Superpower?:
    Ever wish you had a superpower of your own?! This program will teach you how! Create invisible ink to stay super stealthy and undercover! Learn about mutation with hands-on demonstrations and activities! Defy gravity with some bizarre physics experiments you won’t forget! Learn about regeneration with our live axolotl salamanders who are sure to amaze! And much more!
  • Artful Action Figures!:
    In this hands-on art adventure, students will design their own action figures! Learn to construct a small, bendable figurine, then put your creative-problem-solving powers into action as you form clothing, costumes, and accessories from all sorts of fun art supplies and repurposed materials. (The thematic focus of the figurines can be altered to suit the context of your program. Participants can imagine themselves as superheroes, depict characters from their favorite books or comics, make heroes from history, etc. Program time can also be extended for an additional fee.)

Please call or email Katherine to discuss specifics and to design your program to best fit your audience needs! Katherine Bullock, Discovery Education Director, kbullock@lasclex.org 859-252-5222

Art Discovery Outreach Programs

  • Cardboard Creations
    Students will learn how they impact their environment, ways to reduce waste, view stunning works of art made with recycled paper, and create their own articulating endangered animal art with reclaimed paper.
  • Contemporary Botanicals Art
    See how artists have been inspired by nature throughout the modern age.  View botanical art from Impressionism through the Arts and Crafts Movement to contemporary artists that use nature as their subject matter.  Students will utilize materials from nature to create artwork inspired by the work of contemporary artist and naturalist, Andy Goldsworthy.
  • Connections
    Art offers an historical and natural connection between science, history, math, and language and provides understanding about past and present civilizations. Students will explore how artists integrate science, history, math and language to develop ideas and create art.

WOW Outreach Program Details
WOW outreach programs are typically 45 minutes in length for groups of 30 students or less. A 15 minute transition time is required between presentations.

WOW Rates:
In Fayette Co.   $100.00 set-up fee; $100.00 fee per 45 minute program; $0.46 per mile round trip.

Outside of Fayette Co.   $125 set-up fee; $125 per 45 minute program; $0.46 per mile round trip mileage fee for ALL programs.

If Title I Discount is needed, please inquire kbullock@lasclex.org or 859-252-5222

To schedule a WOW program, contact Katherine Bullock, Educational Outreach Coordinator at 859-252-5222 or KBullock@lasclex.org.