Discovery Exhibit

Out of this World:  A Space Adventure

March 2016 – Aug. 2017

Let your imagination soar as you explore our vast universe through a series of dynamic, hands-on, experiential stations!  Our solar neighborhood is an exciting place full of planets, moons, asteroids, comets – so get ready to discover our amazing solar system in a whole new light!

• Be an astronaut for a day – find out what life and work in space is really like!
• Feel the effect of zero gravity as you embark on your very own spacewalk!
• Take a ride in our space capsule simulator!
• Tour the International Space Station with a NASA astronaut!
• Learn about the history of space travel and exploration!
• Discover the wonder of telescopes and their role in space exploration – search for stars, planets, and moons!
• Touch real artifacts, try on a space suit, and moon walk like Neil Armstrong!
• Explore rockets, shuttles, satellites, rovers, and probes through original artifacts, photographs, interactive films, and hands-on experiments!

Immerse yourself in the cosmos as you make your own discoveries!  Come experience the excitement of space exploration and develop an out-of-this-world appreciation for the night sky!

Core Content covered in the Out of this World:  A Space Adventure Discovery field trip include:
Science: Waves:  Space Systems: Patterns and Cycles / Stars & the Solar System / Structure & Properties of Matter / Engineering Design / Forces & Interactions / Weather & Climate   Social Studies: Historical Perspective

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