Annual Giving

For nearly 48 years, the LASC has provided wonder and delight to people like yourself, who value life-long learning and who nurture curiosity in themselves and others.  With our newly completed Lucille Caudill Little Discovery Center, response to our expanded award-winning programs for children, families and schools has been tremendous.  In fact, just since re-opening in April, 2016, we have provided thousands of students and families with unique and creative opportunities in the arts and sciences.  Since April:

  • 4225 students explored a flight simulator, felt the effects of zero gravity and explored NASA  artifacts such as a real moon rock in our new Space Adventure exhibit;
  • Over 7000 visitors shared the wonder of earth and sky in our new (Lexington’s only) Planetarium;
  • 3141 students in schools and libraries in 8 Kentucky counties, experienced our mobile Discovery Dome planetarium, and other programs on energy, water quality, art and culture, and the forest;
  • 170 scholarships to low income students provided over 2500 instructional hours in hands-on art and science (a 14% increase from 2015);
  • Nearly 100 students were inspired in healthy cooking classes in our new Dupree Teaching Kitchen;
  • 146 low-income students fed their curiosity and love of learning in Science and Art Explorers after-school;
  • Thousands more participated in our free programs such as Discovery Night, Discovery Saturday, Day of the Dead Festival, Family Fun Day, and in exhibits in our three art galleries.

The LASC’s programs provide real world, cross-curricular learning experiences unlike anything else in Kentucky.  Now, we need your help to ensure that EVERYONE has access to interactive, creative, and educational programs in the arts and sciences.  Throughout December, 2016, you can make a difference AND have the impact of your gift DOUBLED by a matching grant.

Donate below to make a difference to over 40,000 children and adults and support the LASC now. Your generosity will help ensure the continuation of excellent educational programming, accessible and inspiring to all.

Thank you!